Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For twenty years, Esteem has built a solid reputation for innovative, cost- effective, and reliable furnaces, heat transfer, and related equipment for the hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical and fertilizer industry. Esteem has the resources and organization to execute Fired Heater Projects of any size anywhere in the world. Esteem undertakes all activities related to Fired Heaters, under fixed price or reimbursable arrangements, in accordance with the requirements of the client and the project. Whether we are building a single fired heater or multiple furnaces, turnkey or otherwise, Esteem delivers superior quality to satisfied clients.
Esteem projects Pvt. Ltd. revamped (replacement of coils, refractory & misc jobs) three fired heaters in shutdown period of 18 days (one heater could have taken more time because casing & some structural members were also to be replaced. Entire heater was fabricated new during pre-shutdown period complete with refractory lining and coils & replaced during shutdown period). Needless to say, Indian Oil Corporation was very happy with performance.